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Capezio Arch & Extend

The Capezio Arch and Capezio Extend are exciting new dance footwear products that were introduced in 2016.

 Capezio Arch & Capezio Extend on Dancer Allison H21U

Capezio Arch Capezio Extend

Capezio Arch

A silicone band that fits snugly around the foot to provide the support, stability and minimal look required for barefoot dancing. May also help reduce the chance of injury.

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Capezio Extend

Seamless and sock-like, Capezio Extend is designed for the dancer who wants floor-feel and protection. Extend provides a weightless, barely-there look, with added grip and support.

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How To Use the Capezio Arch

Arch can be worn barefoot or combined with the Capezio Extend seamless soft ballet shoes, pointe shoes and any split-sole shoe. Arches are available in Pink or Black.

 capezio arch - train the muscle

Train the muscle

Like any new shoe, your feet will need to adapt to the snug fit and overall support of the Capezio Arch. For instance, your foot might experience muscle soreness on the bottom of your feet, and/or sides of the arch.

Capezio Arch - breaking them in

Breaking in the Capezio Arch

To break in your Capezio Arch, start by limiting the time you wear them for 30 minutes per session. As muscle memory develops, begin to gradually build up your wear time, up to 2 hours.

Capezio Arch - Recovery


After a dance session, remove the Capezio Arch. As the body cools down, any discomfort in the tendons should start to fade. This should take no longer than an hour.

Note: If at any time you experience sharp pain, remove the Capezio Arch immediately.


Cost of Capezio Arch & Capezio Extend

Priced in Canadian dollars. No duties in Canada. Free shipping available.

SIZING GUIDE: Adult Petite (2.5-4.5), Adult Small (5-6.5), Adult Medium (7-8.5), Adult Large (9-10.5), Adult Extra Large (11-13).

Capezio H21U Arch is a seamless and flexible silicone band that provides essential support and stability while dancing. Reduces over-stretching of the plantar fascia and Achilles and can help improve pointe work. Supports good body posture and alignment. Arch can be worn barefoot or in combination with Capezio Extend or other shoes. When starting out, wear Arch for 30 minutes per session only and gradually increase the wear time to 2 hours.

SIZING GUIDE: Adult Extra Small (2.5-4.5), Adult Small (5-6.5), Adult Medium (7-8.5), Adult Large (9-10.5), Adult Extra Large (11-13).

Capezio H22U Extend is a seamless soft ballet shoe designed for dancers who love to dance barefoot or in socks. It comfortably hugs the foot and the microfibre sole allows you to dance securely on a range of surfaces. Pairs perfectly with the Capezio Arch.

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