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Ballet Shoe Construction

Crafted from from soft leather, canvas, or satin, ballet shoes have flexible, thin soles. Ballet shoes tend to have a leather sole, that doesn't reach all the way to the edges of the shoe.

TIP: Regular shoe stores may offer a product that may look like ballet slippers but cost a little less. These shoes are often made with cheap materials. Buying real ballet shoes is not only more comfortable for dancers feet because of quality materials and design, real dance shoes also save money because they last a lot longer.

Leather ballet shoes are more durable and last longer. Canvas shoes are more affordable but will wear out faster than leather.

The Colours of Ballet Slippers

Traditionally, girls/women wear pink shoes and boys/men wear white or black shoes. Beige ballet slippers can give the appearance of dancing barefoot, and started to appear later in modern ballets worn by both sexes. That said, we think you should choose to wear whatever colour of ballet slippers you prefer regardless of gender (provided that they follow your dance school's dress codes if you wear them for class). Dance is about self-expression!

The Split-Sole Ballet Shoe

The split-sole ballet shoe is a modern innovation which provides greater flexibility and emphasizes the shape of the foot when pointed. Split-sole ballet shoes are usually made from soft leather, canvas or satin.