It's name often misspelled, the Rac N Roll bag is designed to eliminate the stress and hassle of traveling with multiple dance costumes and their accessories. It eliminates the stress of fighting for change-room space to hang dance costumes at competitions and dance recitals.

rac n roll

It's a dressing room on wheels!

The Rac N Roll is key to being organized throughout the competitive dance season - it its the duffel bag that dance moms swear by.

To give some basic information on the Rac N Roll, and to help you decide if it is right for your dancer(s), we've come up with a list of answers to the most popular Rac N Roll questions from our dance moms and dads.

1. How many costumes does the Rac N Roll hold?

The small Rac N Roll bag can hold up to about 7 costumes, and the large one can hold up to about 15 costumes.

Of course the amount of costumes that the Rac N Roll can hold depends on the size and weight of each costume. If you are transporting mostly heavy, oversized, and bulky costumes, you might not be able to fit as many costumes. Set up the Rac N Roll at home with your costumes hanging on the rod to see how much space you will need before you get to the competition venue.

Keep in mind that for most events you won't be transporting all of the dancer's costumes at one time, so you might have extra space for additional warm-up clothes, makeup, accessories etc., in the bag.

2. Which size is best to buy?

The Rac N Roll is offered in two different sizes: small and large. The small size is great for families that have one dancer, or two dancers who have  a small amount of costumes to transport to competitions. The large size is more suited to dancers who have several costumes (especially bulky costumes), or families with more than one dancer who will be sharing the bag.

3. What is the size difference between the two bags?

The small Rac N Roll is 26 x 17 x14 inches; fully extended, the height of the rack is 48". It weighs 10 lbs. empty.

The large Rac N Roll is 31 x 17 x14 inches: fully extended, the height of the rack is 53". It weighs 12 lbs. empty.

4. How does the Rac N Roll work?

rac n roll

The Rac N Roll bag consists of: a large duffel bag, exterior pockets, interior pockets,
a collapsible hanging rod, rolling wheels and a handle.

Traveling between dance competitions and recitals, it is best to utilize the interior and exterior pockets to organize shoes and accessories so that they can be found quickly and are not sliding around the large inside compartment of the duffel.

Found on the inside of the duffel, are "D" shaped metal rings. The rings are great for keeping costume hangers in place during travel.
Two collapsible arms, that hold up the rod for hanging the costumes, slide into square openings at each end of the bag. Make sure that each arm slides all of the way into the square opening, or you will end up with a lopsided hanging rod.

Once the two arms are in place, squares on the bottom of the hanging rod pop into place with the tops of the two collapsible arms. Make sure that all of the pieces are secure and you are ready to hang your costumes!

5. Is there a warranty on Rac N Roll bags?

The Rac N Roll manufacturer's warranty is as follows:

"Rac n Roll Bags are quality assured.

In the unlikely event that a defect should occur, upon presentation of proof of purchase, as well as pictures of the defect, Rac n Roll will repair or replace, at our own discretion, your product free of charge. Warranty applies only to the first purchaser or gift recipient of the Rac n Roll product for the period of 1 year starting from the date of purchase/receipt.

Replacement parts will also be provided at no charge within the 1 year warranty if deemed necessary. Replacement parts are available for purchase after the 1 year warranty period.

This warranty covers only manufacturing defects, it does not cover accidental damage, unreasonable use, normal wear and tear, repairs made or attempted by unauthorized persons or airline mishandling. If an airline or any other carrier damages this product, it is in the owner’s responsibility to file a damage claim with the airline or carrier."

Within the 1 year warranty, all defects and issues can be dealt with through Inspirations Dancewear. As well, replacement parts can be purchased through Inspirations - you do not need to contact Rac N Roll directly.

hanging mirror

6. What accessories work with the Rac N Roll?

The Rac N Roll has a few excellent add-ons that help dance moms and dads to be even more organized for competition! Here are our 3 favourite accessories.

The Rac N Roll hanging mirror is a perfect add-on to the rolling bag, since mirrors are usually just as rare to find as  changing space!

This mirror attaches to the side of the rack at a great height to check your makeup and hair before going on stage. It also has a zippered pouch to keep brushes, hair spray, etc. easy to find when you need them most.

hanging mirror

The Rac N Roll cosmetic case is also a hanging accessory - which means it is easy to organize and quick to find.

Individual zippered see-through pouches are ideal to keep jewelery and hair pieces in so you can find them (especially during quick changes!). It includes a small mirror that is perfect for a quick check of hair and makeup.

garment bag

Our last essential Rac N Roll accessory is the multi-pocket clear garment bag.

Glitter Pie offers an amazing bag that has clear zippered pouches, plus a name tag slot so that each dance costume has its own individual bag (with separated storage for accessories, tights, and shoes).

Put the dancer's name, studio, and name of the dance in the name tag slot, so quick changes are really quick and putting consumes back in the right bag is easy.

Any Other Questions?

If you have any additional questions feel free to give us a call or send us an email! We're happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about purchasing a Rac N Roll. And don't worry about the spelling. Whether you call it Rack n Roll, Rack and Roll, Rac n Roll,... we'll know what you're talking about.

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