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Glitter Pie

Twirl A Bun - Small - Light

HT973L by Glitter Pie

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Glitter Pie HT975D Whirl A Bun is the ultimate bun accessory! It is an innovative bun-making tool that allows you to add volume and create the perfect round shape to your ballet bun. Follow these simple steps to achieve the ideal ballet bun! 1. Gather your hair into a ponytail at the desired height and fasten with an elastic. 2. Holding the Whirl-A-Bun hair accessory in a straight line wrap the hair of your ponytail around (starting near the bottom) and roll your hair in an upward motion. 3. Once your bun is at the top of your ponytail fasten the snap at the bottom. 4. Spread hair evenly around the Whirl-A-Bun accessory. 5. Pull hair elastic tightly from the bottom and wrap around the bun to secure.

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