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Miracle Pointe Shoe - Light Medium

GrishkoMiracle Pointe Shoe - Light Medium 1525

SIZING GUIDE: Sizing is approximately three sizes down from street shoe sizing. For the most accurate and safest fit, book an appointment with a pointe-shoe fitting specialist.

Grishko Miracle Pointe Shoe is based on the Grishko 2007 model. This shoe features a 5mm lower heel than the 2007 and has a U-shaped vamp with drawstring. Features: incorporation of silver nanoparticles in the sole to reduce bacteria and fungus, elegant box shape with flexible wings to produce balance and fluidity of motion. Pointe shoe ribbons and elastics sold seperatley.

Getting Fitted for Pointe Shoes

To ensure an accurate fit for pointe shoes, please book an appointment with a pointe shoe specialist.

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