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  • Elasta Jazz Bootie - Mens
  • Elasta Jazz Bootie - Mens
  • Elasta Jazz Bootie - Mens - Inspirations Dancewear - 2


Elasta Jazz Bootie - Mens

499M by Bloch

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SIZING GUIDE: Sizing is approximately the same as street-shoe sizing for men.

The letter represents the width of the shoe, with N being Narrow, M being Medium and W being Wide.

Bloch 499 superior split sole jazz shoe is a laceless gore boot that features elastic inserts. Its stiff, yet strong leather upper enables the toes to spread out while on demi pointe and to arch with ease. Longer bottom pleats and shorter footprint shaped pad for a better fit. Recommended fit is the same as street shoe size.

Sizing Guide

Men: Same as your street shoe size.
Ladies: Two sizes smaller than your street shoe size.

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