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At Inspirations, we’re all about inspiring dancers! …in case you haven’t already guessed that from our name!

Inspirations is the Official Canadian Distributor for Wingman for Dance

Inspirations is proud to announce a new partnership with a special dancer training program called Wingman for Dance. Together, we’ll be working to help dancers of all ages and abilities feel even more inspired and included.

What is Wingman for Dance?

Wingman is a one-of-a-kind youth development program designed to help dance studio owners and teachers boost dancer confidence, encourage teamwork and leadership, and promote an inclusive and supportive environment.

History of Wingman

Wingman for Dance is a project from Dylan’s Wings of Change, a foundation dedicated to the memory of Dylan Hockley, one of the first grade victims of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14, 2012. Dylan was six years old and had autism. Dylan’s parents recognized that Dylan experienced more happiness, peace and joy when those around him accepted him, protected him and included him in their activities and daily lives...when others were his Wingman. Don’t we all need a wingman in our lives? We think so.

We’ve partnered with Wingman because we believe it’s important for dance studios to go above and beyond simply teaching dance. The best dance studios are places where dancers from all backgrounds can become their best selves.

Who is Wingman for?

Wingman for Dance is for dance organizations that want to promote values such as kindness, compassion, empathy, and inclusion among their dancers.

Rooted in the principles of experiential education and holistic learning, Wingman for Dance can be used at dance schools, studios, and summer camps, or by individual teachers. The type of dance doesn’t matter. Competitive studio? Casual studio? Both can benefit from the activities in Wingman for Dance.

Wingman helps your dancers develop confidence and trust—both in themselves and in their peers.

Register for the Wingman for Dance Program

Wingman for Dance inspires dancers to become helpful heroes that go above and beyond for each other. Wingman boosts children’s confidence and recognizes their unique strengths. Wingman will improve the overall vibe of your studio by creating an atmosphere of connection and belonging. 

What will you get?

There are three Wingman for Dance guides. They include:

  1. The Premier Guide
    This comprehensive guide features easy-to-implement monthly activities for weekly dance classes. With this guide, you’ll help your dancers to create an inclusive and supportive class environment.
  2. The Competition Team Guide
    This team-building and team-bonding workshop is for competitive dancers who spend a lot of time together at your studio.
  3. The Summer Camp Guide
    Encourage gratitude, kindness, and empathy through a series of activities that incorporate creative movement, arts, and crafts.

Register now

Visit the Wingman for Dance website to register as a dance studio owner or dance teacher, and, please consider further support of Wingman for Dance by purchasing some the products below.

Not a studio owner or dance teacher?

You can support Wingman for Dance by purchasing Wingman tees, tank and wristbands below. Proceeds from the sale of merchandise directly supports the growth of the program. Inspirations Dancewear is providing their services at no charge.