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  • The Performance Shock with Traction
  • The Performance Shock with Traction

Apolla Performance Wear

The Performance Shock with Traction

PERT by Apolla Performance Wear

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The Performance by Apollo is a revolutionary “Shock” that is moisture wicking, antimicrobial and has highly engineered characteristics.

It has the support of a shoe + the comfort and feel of a sock = SHOCK

The Performance has 6 key features:

1. A low profile that creates a seamless leg-to-foot line while on stage

2. Moderate compression across the instep to assist in circulation, recovery, and comfort while dancing

3. High compression surrounding the achilles for great stability and support

4. Compression zones throughout the arch that supports, lifts, and stabilizes the arch

5. Knit-in energy absorption in the heel for maximum comfort

6. A snug fit in the toe to accentuate the dancer’s point

The patented design of Shocks can have them last up to 6 months, free of holes worn on all types of flooring. They may last longer however the support of the Shock will start to decrease with 6-9 months of wear.

The Traction eliminates the fabric bulk and uncomfortable seams under foot that exist on all other dance footwear. Like a shoe the traction is designed to wear down until you reach your preferred level of grip. Once it goes past that level - there are traction refreshers to bring it back to the level you need.

Ideal flooring surfaces for dancing in The Performance with traction include wood, tile, and laminate.

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