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Recital Essentials

…you didn't even know you needed.

Dancers show up to a performance ready with their dance shoes and costumes, but often don't realize that an essential product is missing until they are getting on stage.

Our Top Picks

Here are our top picks for recital essentials that dancers don't even know they need, …until they need them.

Inspirations Dancewear’s Clear Garment Bag is the ultimate dance bag organizer and is a must for every competitive dancer! They are made of a very durable plastic that allows for season-to-season use. One large and two smaller pockets on the back provide an organized solution for storing dance shoes, tights and costume accessories. A front slot is also featured, that allows a place for the dancer’s name to avoid confusion in the dressing room. 22” wide, 36” long. These garment bags are compatible with both the Rac N Roll and the Dream Duffel rolling duffel dance bags. Garment bag does not come with costume hanger, costume, or any of the accessories pictured in the image.
It Stays Roll On Body Adhesive is an absolute must for the performing dancer. Washes off with water and holds absolutely everything in place.
Yofi Cosmetics Glitter Body & Hair Spray in a non-aerosol bottle. The ultra sparkle is perfect for performance. Great for hair, body, costume or uniform. Washes out easily.
Bunheads Rosin comes in a 4 oz amount, containing various sized chunks and powder. Great for both studio and stage use.
Reusable gel nipple concealers give a smooth look under leotards, costumes and everyday clothing.

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