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Teknik Ballet Slipper - Child

CapezioTeknik Ballet Slipper - Child 200CC

SIZING GUIDE: Sizing is approximately one to two sizes up from street-shoe sizing for children. Ladies go half a size up from your street shoe size.

The letter represents the width of the shoe, with A being the most narrow and E being the most wide.

Capezio 200 Teknik Full Sole Leather Ballet Slipper is a Capezio best seller featuring high quality, lightweight, soft, and durable leather. The pre-attached elastic is 5/8” and plush so it rolls with the foot and will not dig in. The extremely flat pleats, brushed canvas lining, and bar-tacked elastic drawstring add to the form and function of this beautiful shoe.

Sizing Guide

Children: One to two sizes larger than your street shoe size.