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Sculpted Pointe Shoe - Hard Shank
Sculpted Pointe Shoe - Hard Shank
Sculpted Pointe Shoe - Hard Shank Sculpted Pointe Shoe - Hard Shank

Gaynor MindenSculpted Pointe Shoe - Hard Shank SCHDH

Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes are designed to last longer than a traditional pointe shoe. Where other shoes are made of paste and cardboard the shank and toe box of a Gaynor pointe shoe is made from advanced flexible polymers. The box won’t weaken or deform and the shank won’t break or soften. Be sure you love the pliability of the shank because it won’t change and allow a 1/4” pinch at the drawstring casing when on pointe because the satin won’t stretch. The side drawstring is easy to conceal and Poron cushioning is resilient and provides shock absorption under the entire length of the foot and under the heel so you never feel the edge of the shank. Pre-arched shank provides better support and a prettier line but still allows you to work your foot. The Sculpted fit works well for a slightly tapered foot with a “waist". They are cut with an ample mid foot and a narrow-medium heel.

Getting Fitted for Pointe Shoes

To ensure an accurate fit for pointe shoes, please book an appointment with a pointe shoe specialist.

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