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Making a perfect ballet bun is part of every ballet dancer’s journey. There are many different styles of buns and quite a few ways to bring those styles to life, so we wanted to make a simple guide to show you an easy way to get a perfect bun.

Things You’ll Need

Building Your Perfect Bun

    1. Comb through clean hair until there are no more knots

    Comb through clean hair

      2. With your elastic, pull hair into a high or low ponytail, depending on preference

      Pull your hair into a ponytail

        3. Choose whichever bun base you like best to create the base of the bun:

          4. Spray a light layer of hairspray onto your hair pins

            5. Using those hair pins, pin all the way around the bun, laying flat against the scalp. Also pin back bangs or any short layers that don’t fit into the ponytail with bobby pins

            Pin in place

              6. Spray bun with hairspray and use a comb or fingers to smooth down flyaways
                7. Cover bun with hairnet

                  8. Be sure to wrap any excess around the bun a second time to keep the bun neat and tidy


                  Using a Bun Builder

                  1. Put place bun builder at base of ponytail and pull the hair through the center2. Drape hair around the bun builder to cover it completely

                  Drape hair over bun builder

                  3. Wrap and tuck excess hair around the base of the bun and pin in place

                  Tuck hair around base of bun

                  4. Finish the bun using the steps above

                  Finished Bun Builder

                  Using a Twirl a Bun

                  1. Start with the Twirl a Bun at the end of your ponytail

                  Twirl a Bun Prep

                  2. Roll the hair around the Twirl a Bun up towards the base of the ponytail, smoothing down any flyaways as you go

                  Twirl a Bun Snap

                  3. Snap the Twirl a Bun closed and position the hair to cover the snap

                  4. Finish the bun using the steps above

                  Twirl a Bun Done

                  Using a Whirl a Style

                  1. Start with the Whirl a Style at the end of your ponytail with the hair from your ponytail pinched in the opening

                  Whirl a Style Start

                  2. Roll the Whirl a Style up towards the base of your ponytail, smoothing down any flyaways as you go

                  3. Close the Twirl a Bun together and position the hair to cover the closure

                  Closing Whirl a Style

                  4. Finish the bun using the steps above

                  Finished Whirl a Style Bun

                    Voilà! A beautiful bun ready for class or the stage. If you have any questions on how to do your bun, feel free to drop by the store and have one of our dancewear professionals give you tips!

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